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We strive to provide tailored Construction Management & Project Management solutions that ensure our clients meet
their quality, budget and timeline goals.

  • Construction Consulting
    Our construction consultants possess the engineering and construction experience to provide real-world, cost-effective solutions to the everyday challenges that owners, contractors, engineers, and architects face throughout the construction process.
  • Claims Defense and Avoidance
    EMS is uniquely staffed with professionals that have extensive experience preparing and formulating packages with compelling arguments to not only defend claims and disputes, but more importantly avoid them.
  • Construction Inspection
    EMS offers a broad range of construction inspection and contractor quality control (CQC) services for transportation, utilities, environmental, water/wastewater, recreational, and building projects. Competent and thorough inspection is one of the most essential elements to achieving a quality construction project.
  • Construction Management
    EMS utilizes specialized program management tools and techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a program, from beginning to end, assuring control of the program’s time, cost and quality.
  • International Construction Management
    The extensive international experiences of our staff, gives us an edge when managing overseas projects. In addition to a deep knowledge of project management, we also possess the understanding of the culture and customs of different countries around the world.
  • Cost/Budget Management
    We provide complete cost management, including the estimating, planning, managing and controlling of the budget to ensure a project can be completed within the approved budget.
  • Estimating
    Our construction and engineering cost estimators provide our clients with detailed quantity takeoffs and pricing from a construction project's conception phase to closeout. We provide conceptual estimates, hard bid estimates, and material takeoffs to name a few.
  • CPM Scheduling/Planning
    We specialize in Critical Path Method (CPM), by providing scheduling and project controls as well as developing other project reporting procedures, to our client’s specific needs. In addition, our experts utilize standard industry scheduling methods and software (Primavera, MS Project, Claim Digger, etc) to develop, monitor, and report the progression of construction projects. We also use BIM to transform the two-dimensional schedules into powerful 4D and 5D visual tools so that our clients are informed quickly and accurately of project events, potential problems, and corrective actions from all angles.
  • Risk Management
    We provide comprehensive construction risk management services designed to mitigate threats and unforeseen surprises; to maximize opportunities by implementing risk identification, risk probability and impact analyses, disaster prevention and relief planning, sensitivity analysis, modeling risk profiles, Monte Carlo simulations and BIM implementation.
  • Occupational Safety & Health Consulting
    We bring invaluable expertise to the worksite to clarify responsibilities under OSHA and to help make safety a way of life, to reduce accidents and injuries, lower Worker’s Compensation costs, reduce insurance costs, improve morale, reduce (or eliminate) OSHA fines, and gain confidence in the overall program. Our experts are committed to delivering on-time superior consulting and training services to industry and government agencies. We pride ourselves on conducting business efficiently, professionally, and with integrity. We deliver cost-effective services, performed by highly qualified and experienced professionals. We assist Program/Projects in achieving a strong safety and health program that pays dividends, fulfills OSHA compliance obligations, and goes beyond compliance with best practices.
  • Management - Administration
    Our staffers provide numerous supports in planning, directing, and coordinating administrative services, such as records and information management, facilities planning and maintenance, monitoring and auditing CMIS (unifier) for conformance to CM procedures, construction contract requirements, change-management and dispute-resolution of potential issues; providing logistics support to ensure jobsites are efficient, safe, and comply with Program, City and State regulations.
  • Partnering Facilitator
    Our approach to partnering services is to tailor a program that meets the unique needs of each project. We implement the partnering method at various times throughout a project to promote consistent, rational and positive communication. We work with the project team to establish working relationships and communication channels, collaboratively defining roles, schedules and objectives that improve the quality of the project and reduce disputes.
  • Program/Project Management Consulting
    We have been providing program management, project management, construction management, quality assurance inspections (in all disciplines), construction safety supervision, program and project control’s (cost and schedule), construction management information systems, contract administration, supplier quality surveillance, program and project risk management, CM resource management, project close-out management, DRB/DRA and partnering, and administrative/document control professional services. EMS’s work covers all phases of construction management services: Beginning with pre-planning, design, right-of-way, environmental, bid and award, to construction, and ultimately, project close-out. Of the many Program CM services, EMS is responsible for the preparation, creation, and execution of the essential construction management disciplines: Program/project construction management plan Staffing plan Business processes and procedures Program/Project safety plan Construction management information system DRB/DRA and partnering plans Risk management plan to identify contractual risk, establish risk registers, procedures to manage risk, risk monitoring processes (compliance audits and periodic reviews), developing and assisting in the implementation of early warning notices and systems of record keeping and training staff as necessary to ensure that the chances of a dispute occurring are minimized as much as possible Preparation of RFPs Establishing Owner’s quality assurance vs. Contractor’s quality control plans Revising contract specifications general conditions Setting up a supplier quality assurance program to inspect and witness the testing of project materials and equipment, and to track schedules for prompt delivery thereby maintaining ideal project/construction pace
  • Program/Project Management Training
    In addition, EMS is responsible for the preparation, creation, execution and training of the essential construction management tools: Planning and Scheduling tools (i.e. MS Project, Primavera, etc.) CMIS (i.e. Unifier) BIM in 3D, 4D and 5D Customized and tailored courses and workshops in all disciplines
  • Construction Claims and Defense Avoidance
    EMS delivers an objective analysis of any contractual problem. We use the highest standards for our claim submissions: replete with credible supporting documentation, and skilled contractual argumentation. We also pinpoint the root causes of the claim and explore all possible externalities. We develop logical analysis of quantum and support the sums claimed with an appropriate level of requisite evidence. EMS’s rapid response to contractual disputes allows us to implement a claim avoidance program that quickly resolve issues and improves the relationship between parties.
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