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For WSIP, we provided a Program Construction Management Operations Manager, Supplier Quality Surveillance, Risk Management Support and Program Administration and Document Control including CMIS archiving systems.

Additional services provided included:

  • Program Planning, Design, Pre-construction, Construction, ConstructionManagement and Closeout Management support for the SFPUC Water System Improvement Program WSIP.


  • Provide Program Risk Management support for the SFPUC WSIP Program Pre-construction and Construction Management services.

  • Developed the Construction Management Information System CMIS to manage a $4.6 Billion Dollars CIP comprising of 86 construction projects, serving the whole Bay Area.

  • Developed the Program Construction Management Plan, Business processes and Management Procedures to be applied in the Program.

  • Developed and managed the selection process for 11 CM contracts valued at over $212 Million Dollars.

  • Conducted Periodical audits on all WSIP projects to ensure compliance with CMB and WSIP procedures and contracts specifications requirements.

  • Lead the Supplier Quality Surveillance effort (quality assurance of factory testing of materials and equipment).

  • Assisted the SFPUC in managing 11 CM contracts by developing matrices and reports for projects, regions, and program level. Conducted monthly audits on all 11 CM Contracts and reported to the WSIP Program Director and CMB Manager.

  • Assisted the City’s Controller office and City Service auditors, BAWSCA and RBOC, in conducting their yearly audits on the WSIP.

  • Provided Program administrative support for the Program Director, CMB Management, and program management team.

  • Developed and implemented Risk Management plan for the WSIP to manage risks on all projects, regions and program. Reported to Program Management and outside agencies. Managed the Risk exposure and available contingencies.



Program Construction Management


March 2009 to present


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